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I rarely wear a bra, and only about half the time do I have panties or a thong on. I have found any number of daring, sexy and unique ways to expose part or all of myself in public, and it is definitely not "accidental" by any means. That is not to say that I will not stage "accidental" exposure for the right open butt shaper situation, oh no, I have done so and it is highly erotic to pretend to be embarrassed. Bottom line here, I like to be naked, but I love to be seen naked. One final point, and that is that I am not at all like anyone else you may read about, hear about, dream about of know. I expose myself, intentionally, for the thrill it gives me and even more so for the thrill it gives unsuspecting others. Yes this is the gaping ass and anal sex site to pick for Open Butt Shaper!
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