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I slowly slid out till just the tip of my shaft kept the love tunnel open. On my second thrust I buried my shaft all the way. I could feel the oil working, a cool and tingly sensation. But I was expecting the sensation, Karen wasnÕt. OOH youÕve u-used th-that O Oil again, havenÕt Y-YOU!, she stammered. I thrust long and deep, making sure the oil bathe the whole of her insides, I carried on with slow long thrust, bringing Karen to two more very noisy orgasms, before I wanted to change to an other position. I needed to see all of her young lovely body, I withdrew my shaft, from a very wet love shoot. NO NO put it back in, she screamed. ItÕs all right, IÕm just changing open asshole positions. Yes this is the anal sex and teen site to pick for Open Asshole!
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