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Three items of gaping blacks dress and some nice perfume. She was ready. Her boyfriend only smiled and reached for his coat when she came into the den. They gaping blacks walked through the kitchen and into the garage without speaking. He opened the car door for her and closed it after she settled into the leather seat. She watched him walk around the front of the car, watched him smile and hold her eyes. He knows me well, she told herself, he knows I'm excited and he's enjoying it, enjoying every gaping blacks minute of it. He opened his door and eased into the car before he spoke. "Still want this?" he asked, smiling. She only gaping blacks nodded yes for an answer. He pulled a black scarf from his coat pocket and leaned toward her to cover her eyes. Among all the sites we have visited this is our pick for Gaping Blacks! Do you like going places that most people won't dare? Then take a trip with us deep inside every orifice that a woman has to offer with the state-of-the-art Buttcam! We are the originators of the world's first internal dildo-mounted camera! That's right, you can see exactly what your cock gets to see when plunging in and out of a girls mouth, pussy and ass!
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As Frank moves his mouth down to take her right nipple into his mouth Kevin's tongue gets in and licks from bottom to top between her nether lips and then as Bill joins Frank on her nipples Kevin's tongue hits her clit and the earthquake begins. Her back arches again and pushes her pussy up into Kevin's face fixing it so that now his nose is rubbing against her clit and she squeals with the pleasure. This goes on for a few minutes more. Kevin leaves his face buried in her cunt with his nose rubbing on her clit and his tongue fucks up into her love canal. For Fran the gaping blacks orgasm is tremendous, rolling over her body and mind becuase of Kevin's not letting up until he runs short of breath. Yes this is the anal sex and gaping ass site to pick for Gaping Blacks!
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